Asian Art Fairs

Asian Art Fairs Ltd is a joint venture between Montgomery, Single Market Events Ltd and Ramsay Fairs. The company was created in 2007 with a view to launching new art fairs in Asia.

The first fair, ART HK was launched in 2008 and was the largest international art fair ever to take place in Hong Kong. It welcomed over 19,000 visitors who came to see the 101 leading international galleries that exhibited at the landmark Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Since then the fair has grown to over 260 galleries from 38 countries and over 63,000 visitors.

Montgomery India

The India Art Fair is a joint venture between Montgomery, Neha Kirpal - who founded the fair - and Will Ramsay who launched and owns the Affordable Art Fair brand. Launched in 2008, this fair runs in New Delhi and attracts over 100,000 contemporary and modern art lovers every year.

Photofairs Shanghai

PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai is the first international art fair dedicated to photography in China. With up to 100 leading galleries, the premiere Fair offers collectors, visitors and art lovers unrivalled access to the best in historical and contemporary photography from around the world. From the established masters to emerging photographers, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai provides the unique platform for galleries to exhibit in Asia-Pacific reflecting the importance of China as a growing force within the global photography market.